Monday, November 30, 2009

Remember the Days!

Gallop away from your lowly terrain,
Like a unicorn through the shiny woodlands,

To the world of freedom yet inhibitions

of music yet subtle silence,
of mirth yet melancholy,
of love yet sin,
of desires yet shackles.

Paradoxical blood runs in your vein, as the metaphors slowly kill themselves,

You lack desire, passion, and run behind that shiny truck, the popular truck.
To miffed by the words of the worthless, you tread softly on the red carpet of your destiny!
What's all this worth?

The iridescent air gently rises, silently wishes your stupor was a string of the past.

Do you hear the music whispering the song of the morning, the morning when crimson tinge flushes Dawn's pale attire.

Listen, and remember the days!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Appolonian Quest

He looked at the ground below him. Adam had finally made up his mind. He had waited a very long time for his dreams to materialize. The only way to discover the truth about what the world, life, the universe was all about was to go into a higher conscious state. And this could only be achieved by closing the outer mind completely. He had to deaden his senses to the outer world, one by one. A similar thing had been done by priests and holy men when meditating, across the ages. All of them had the same goal. This was the point at which religion and science merged. The quest for the truth.Adam had finished years of research and study, experimentation. He had cut himself off from the world and now he was as close as ever to his goal. If we were composed of a huge but finite number of particles, and these particles have co-ordinates in all dimensions, then humans and everything we perceive also must have a portion in other dimensions. Which means a portion of our mind too, must reside in them.And the way to view these portions of our mind, or to reveal them was to shut off the mind in the current world we perceive. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, all were senses to the 3-dimensional world, and they do a great job in it. So now Adam had to use his extra-sensory organs for this purpose. Adam had nothing but the desire for the truth-to learn what the purpose of everything was. And one's senses were a small price to pay to complete this task. Anyway, he had nothing in this world. He had researched various cultures, ancient and more recent, and their perceptions of God, the universe and what they knew. He had researched modes of meditation. He knew that he had to wait for the correct time. _____________________________________________________________________________________The first man in the Black Suit looked worried. As worried as a man with a virtually inexpressive face could seem."He knows a lot more than we could deem safe. We need to get rid of him now."The second man eyed him closely. He was right, of course. But they needed to act carefully, not to arouse suspicion. "We need to wait till he does something truly dangerous. He is still within the safe limit. Give him some more time."The first frowned. "All right, but let’s just close all his options.""He has a great deal of knowledge. He knows much more than his counterparts. We must respect that. He should be rewarded.""Yes, I understand.". They did not speak for another half hour. Both waited anxiously for the signal. Then it happened. The entire place glowed red. The alarm rang."OK you know what to do." The first man said to the group of men in coats that ran in from the other room.The men all ran out into their cars and drove. The first and second man took a separate car and a separate route. After a few minutes they had surrounded the small apartment building with their cars, one by one. It was the middle of the night and they had to make as little noise as possible. One by one they climbed the narrow stairs and stood in front of the small door marked 121. The first man entered the key, and slowly they entered. Inside was a small, unkempt man in a small, unkempt room. They surrounded him. The man looked up at them. In his hand was a vial and a syringe. He looked shocked. This was the first time someone had entered his apartment but him. He was extremely weak and thin and could barely get up."Who are you?" The man could barely get up. He slumped back into his chair. His eyes were sunken and weak yet he kept staring at the men."Search the apartment. He comes with us." The first man called out to the men.The first and second man lifted Adam and took him down into their car. They drove._____________________________________________________________________________________Adam awoke. He was tied to a chair. It wasn’t required; he could barely move as it was."Who...?" he rasped weakly."Hello, Adam. We are huge fans of your...ah....research.""How..?""I think it best you not speak. We are part of an ancient society. Of the Sun. Do you know what the sun symbolizes, Adam? Knowledge. Enlightenment. But man has not the capacity to deal with this knowledge. Neither have you. Ignorance is bliss, do you know that? You are not a god. And you have no Right", he said through clenched teeth, "To this knowledge." "We are here to protect man from what will destroy him. Man has a right to a happy, ignorant life. Who are you to take that away from him?"The first man injected Adam with half the contents of the vial, and retained the other half."Only half the dose. Where will this take you?"Adam's eyes widened. He tried to break out of the chair, but could not.
Slowly the two men slid out of focus. _____________________________________________________________________________________"What’s this one in for, Inspector?"The first man spoke, "27 year old. Found in his apartment with a highly concentrated dose of morphine and this syringe in his hand. We've been tracking him for months. He supplied the local kids. Caused a number of deaths. Had a lot of the stuff in him too. Caused a large amount of damage to his nervous system, but still retains some consciousness.""Here he comes now."The frail young man was screaming."I found the truth! I found the way! Why won't anyone believe me??"The first man stood up and went to him. "Sorry son, but if drugs were they way to the truth, we’d have found it a long time ago. You’re going away for a long time now.""NOO!"
Adam lunged toward him, gnashing his teeth. The constable escorting him lashed out with his truncheon.
He misjudged the force he used.
Adam lay on the floor, a pool of blood around his head.The first man looked down at the body, and up at the rest of the policemen around him."Tsk. There he goes; the truth with him."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Twinkling stars light up the sky,
Waiting to see sleep come by,
Wish I could be a star to see you,
As u lie......

(A Reply)

Twinkling stars see me sleep,
Some are shining, some do weep,
But Before i sleep, One wish I scream,
That Stars like you fill up my dream....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Whats life about anyways!!!!

As you know, most of the people pass their 12th grade and then go for engineering or medical or mass comm or.......the list never ends. But a question that seems to trouble me all the time is that "Is this why we were born, to become engineers or doctors etc??". Like fine I m going to an engineer in about 3 years, but then there are engineers everywhere...slogging their balls out to either create or improve or doing anything related to their field. I make something remarkable, people applaud work is appreciated..then everything is forgotten!!!!My recognition slips into this grave of Oblivion...Then i started working on something this life all about??
When our studies are over, we'll be running short of time for ourselves and for the things we always wanted a do. Things or rather missions that we always thought of it holding a pool party or trying to woo girls in a restaurant(DJ knows what i am talking about!!) ....we had all the time in the world to do these.....but fell short of finances. However when we start working we'll have the money...but where!!! So is life all about regretting on things we always wanted to do but couldn't. Or is it about cherishing your moments of true fun. One more things I'd like to say is that the often used phrase "LIFE IS SHORT" is a piece of unimaginable and futile shit, Life is what we make it......Most of your teenage is spent in finding and trying to impress the girl of our dreams and the 20s in trying to find work, 30s in trying to make a living for oneself and family and so on. You know what the problem is....we hardly decide on anything concrete....fickleness seems be our inherent quality.(Ever wondered why most of the planned party, remain just that??i am still wondering!!) So i would like to end this piece of Dhruv balls by asking you'll one question....What did you always want to do?? Think what your life is all about???Tell us about it!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Educated Fool

I like the relationship between Donna and Eric Foreman. They're both responsible and mature. They go really just makes me feel nice.
Why have people stopped feeling nice? Thats the best feeling, and the most vague. Its not feeling good or GREAT, its just nice. The kind of feeling you get when you have a cup of tea in the early morning. And just sit back and think about the past, or the future. or nothing at all.
I strongly believe in the multiverse theory. So does the guy who made Darko. But i dont think Jake Gyllen really does. He doesnt look like he cares. If each universe represents each different outcome of an event, then its really great that we cant go there. or maybe a part of us IS there. And the wierd stuff we see in our dreams is actually our other selves and their existence. I hope their dreams are good, then. Better help the poor guys out by making our lives better.

Another time, another place,
Maybe I'll have made you mine.
Alas, your beauty will not last forever
There will never be another time.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand alone, kindness in others trouble, Courage in your own.......